About Jacob Dubail

If showing up is half the battle…

I take deadlines seriously. I hate being late to anything. And I know you want your project completed as quickly as possible. When we begin a project, I let you know exactly how long it will take and exactly how much it will cost. No nickel-and-diming. No radio silence for days on end. No BS.

Problem Solver by nature

I’m a problem solver by nature. My favorite class in high school was “Problem Solving”. Working on the web is all about solving problems, both visual and functional. Can’t get your shopping cart to look right on mobile? Having an issue with an overly complicated admin dashboard? Need to make your site responsive? I would love to help! Let’s chat.

The team

I work with fantastic designers and agencies to design and build websites and web applications for clients around the world from my home office in the Seattle, WA area. Are you an agency in need of a WordPress expert? A designer who would rather design than code? A small- or medium-sized business or non-profit looking for a long-term partnership? Get in touch.

Why hire me

  1. I take pride in my work
  2. I complete jobs on time and on budget
  3. I communicate clearly and effectively
  4. I provide the best possible solutions to your web problems
  5. I work as an extension of your team.

Head over to my services page to learn more, or contact me to get the process started.


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