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This re-launch represents the fourth incarnation of jacobdubail.com. It’s been a long time coming, nearly 18 months. From here, I plan to evolve the site as technology changes and time allows.

This site will serve as a hybrid portfolio and blog. I hope to write long(ish) form articles every couple months, as well as quick code tutorials every few days. I will also be posting details about new and exciting projects. I have a lot of content to add to the … read more

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Working modularly in CSS is smart. It allows us to be DRY in our approach to styling a page or element. What does that have to do with box-shadow? Let’s look at an example to see how we can avoid duplicating lines of code with this simple box-shadow color hack.

year launched: 2013
industry: pet supplies
Hamilton HoundsHamilton Hounds
website: hcx.com
year launched: 2013
industry: think tank
Human Conditional GlobalHuman Conditional Global RWD


website: rno1.com
year launched: 2012
industry: digital agency

NCM East

website: ncmeast.com
year launched: 2011
industry: music
NCM East
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year launched: 2012