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Hello again world!

This re-launch represents the fourth incarnation of jacobdubail.com. It’s been a long time coming, nearly 18 months. From here, I plan to evolve the site as technology changes and time allows.

This site will serve as a hybrid portfolio and blog. I hope to write long(ish) form articles every couple months, as well as quick code tutorials every few days. I will also be posting details about new and exciting projects. I have a lot of content to add to the site, so please bear with me as I continue to bug test and find time to write.

The layout of this site is based on the new flexbox layout module. While Internet Explorer support is lacking, at least up to version 10, I’m hoping that by the time I get around to fixing it, IE9 will be obsolete. Not holding my breath ;) If you do see anything that is majorly broken (outside of IE), add a comment or drop me a line via my contact page and let me know about it.

Thanks for visiting!


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